About Lemon Street

When life hands you Lemon Street, make ALL THE THINGS. :)

Lemon Street Handmade is a home-based business—just a little place to handcraft gifty treasures with a little bit of stuff and a whole bunch of heart. (Yes, that is the secret supply list). Anyway, there's one employee, Debbie Iverson (that's me), three furry office mates, and occasional appearances by a teenager and a middle-aged man.

A native of north Jersey, I transplanted here—just north of Lancaster City, in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country—after a decade or so in eastern PA. I am now happily Pennsylvanian through and through. I'm also completely smitten with the creative community here. It's diverse, socially conscious, and so incredibly friendly. I challenge you to purchase goods from a Lancaster-area maker and not be charmed to pieces.

I've just recently reopened my Etsy shop—LemonStreetPA.etsy.com—after a four-year hiatus to attend to matters of health and home. I missed the 2019 holiday shopping rush for sure, but I'm so happy to finally be photographing and listing some of the beautiful items I've been making over the past year. Better late than never is always the rule, don't you think?

Hopefully my health will allow me to pursue this path to a viable income. I've put in the time, researched the best ingredients, and stuck with a philosophy of being eco-friendly in my quest to create. I always ask myself simple questions: What can I save from the landfill? How well will this item stand up to use and time? Is it washable? Is it biodegradable? Am I using as few manufactured components as possible? And so on.

Ah! There's also THE question that I ask: Will this make someone happy—to have, to give, or to receive? That's kind of what it's all about.

On a more personal note, daily creativity, a little internet socializing, and bit of activism have kept me sane and happy despite my physical and cognitive disabilities caused by a little number called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME/CFS). I encourage you to learn about ME/CFS. It happens to be the most common disease you've never heard of. You can find informative links on my What's this ME/CFS thing anyway? page.

For more information, please contact me via email.
The address is (replace with necessary symbols) debbieiverson at icloud dot com

Thanks for reading. You take care.